Sigmund Romberg


Sigmund Romberg was a Hungarian-born American composer. He is best known for his musicals and operettas, particularly The Student Prince (1924), The Desert Song (1926) and The New Moon (1928).

Early in his career, Romberg was employed by the Shubert brothers to write music for their musicals and revues, including several vehicles for Al Jolson. For the Shuberts, he also adapted several European operettas for American audiences, including the successful Maytime (1917) and Blossom Time (1921). His three hit operettas of the mid-1920s, named above, are in the style of Viennese operetta, but his other works, from that time, mostly employ the style of American musicals of their eras. He also composed film scores.

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Opera for a New America 1991

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Nashville OperaThe Student Prince11/11/2008 - 11/24/2008
Opera ColumbusThe Student Prince7/1/2004 - 8/1/2004
Central City OperaThe Student Prince7/1/2004 - 8/1/2004
Sorg OperaThe Student Prince3/31/2000 - 3/31/2000
Wichita State University Opera TheatreThe Desert Song3/3/2000 - 3/12/2000
Utah Festival OperaThe Student Prince7/7/1999 - 7/31/1999
Light Opera of New YorkThe Desert Song1/1/1999 - 12/26/1998
Capitol Opera SacramentoThe Student Prince6/6/1998 - 6/28/1998
Portland OperaThe Student Prince6/6/1998 - 6/27/1998
OperaDelawareThe Student Prince5/1/1997 - 5/11/1997
Fargo-Moorhead OperaThe Student Prince10/1/1996 - 10/1/1996
Central City OperaThe New Moon7/7/1996 - 8/10/1996
Gold Coast OperaThe Desert Song4/1/1996 - 4/19/1996
Light Opera of New YorkThe Student Prince8/1/1994 - 8/28/1994
Opéra de MontréalThe Student Prince6/1/1994 - 6/18/1994
Encompass New Opera TheatreThe Desert Song4/1/1994 - 4/24/1994
New York City OperaThe Student Prince8/1/1993 - 8/28/1993
Fargo-Moorhead OperaThe Desert Song4/1/1993 - 4/17/1993
New York City OperaThe Desert Song9/1/1992 - 9/26/1992
Opera AustraliaThe Student Prince9/1/1992 - 9/5/1992
Central City OperaThe Student Prince7/1/1992 - 8/1/1992

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