Cerise Lim Jacobs

Cerise Lim Jacobs was born in colonial Singapore into a traditional Chinese family. She grew up at the confluence of many disparate influences stemming from Singapore’s multicultural environment. When she was sixteen, her family emigrated to Australia to escape the turbulence created by the end of the Vietnam war and the bankruptcy of the British Empire. She dropped out of school at the age of nineteen to follow her heart and began a sojourn that took her from Melbourne, Australia, to Oxford, England, East Lansing, Michigan, Vancouver, Canada, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania until she finally settled in Boston, Massachusetts.

Cerise is a lifelong student of living creatively and imaginatively as a means of achieving success across many disciplines. In her meanderings, she has pursued an eclectic array of interests ranging from ancient Chinese porcelains at the Ashmoleum Museum to modern British theater. She graduated, summa cum laude, in English with a specialty in creative writing from the University of Pittsburgh and magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. She was a trial partner at Goodwin Procter LLP, one of the largest law firms in New England, where she specialized in criminal defense and patent litigation. She also served for five years as a federal prosecutor at the US Attorney’s Office in Boston as part of her commitment to public service. Cerise garnered much of her theater skills in the hurly burly of the courtroom where she learnt to capture the hearts and minds of her juries.

Cerise is now retired. Since she resigned her law partnership, she has returned to her major passions in life – food, art and music.

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White Snake ProjectsA Survivor's Odyssey: The Journey of Penelope and Circe9/24/2021 - 9/28/2021
White Snake ProjectsDeath by Life5/20/2021 - 5/25/2021
Beth Morrison ProjectsMadame White Snake (Ouroboros Trilogy)3/8/2019 - 3/9/2019
White Snake ProjectsPermaDeath9/27/2018 - 9/27/2018
White Snake ProjectsREV. 239/29/2017 - 9/29/2017
National SawdustREV. 231/14/2017 - 1/14/2017
White Snake ProjectsGilgamesh (Ouroboros Trilogy)10/1/2016 - 10/1/2016
Beth Morrison ProjectsGilgamesh9/10/2016 - 9/17/2016
Beth Morrison ProjectsMadame White Snake (Ouroboros Trilogy)9/10/2016 - 9/17/2016
Beth Morrison ProjectsNaga (Ouroboros Trilogy)9/10/2016 - 9/17/2016
Opera BostonMadame White Snake (Ouroboros Trilogy)2/2/2010 - 3/3/2010

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