Marilyn Bowering

Marilyn Bowering is a poet and novelist who lives in British Columbia. She has received many awards for her work including designation of Notable Book by the New York Times, short-listing for the world-wide Orange Prize and the recent Gwendolyn McEwen poetry prize. In 2008, she was a Fulbright scholar. Her latest publications are the poetry book, Soul Mouth, and the novel, What It Takes To Be Human. Current projects are a novel, Pearl and the Storytellers Academy, and Threshold: an encounter with the 17th century Gaelic bard, Mairi McLeod. The libretto for Marilyn Forever is the result of a long-standing interest in Monroe’s intriguing personality. Marilyn Bowering says, “Growing up having the name Marilyn, was like having a stamp on your forehead—as soon as they heard the name, people would look at you differently. What fascinated me was that Monroe was sexy but not coarse—and she not only had a sense of humour but clear ideas about how things should be, in terms of love and art and beauty; and she never caved to conventional ideas about women.” Marilyn Bowering has a personal connection to Long Beach through her maternal great-grandfather who left his Ontario farm to move his family to the area in 1921.

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Long Beach OperaMarilyn Forever3/21/2015 - 3/29/2015

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Marilyn Forever

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