May 8, 1946
The Medium
Composer:Gian Carlo Menotti
Librettist:Gian Carlo Menotti
Madame Flora, with the help of her daughter Monica and Toby, a mute servant, tries to cheat her clients through faked seances. She is touched herself by a hand during one of them, an occurrence she cannot explain and which drives her to insanity and murder.

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Baltimore Concert OperaThe Medium11/12/2021 - 11/14/2021
Amarillo OperaThe Medium10/29/2021 - 10/30/2021
New Orleans Opera AssociationThe Medium4/16/2021 - 4/16/2021
Mission OperaThe Medium3/6/2021 - 3/6/2021
Victory Hall OperaThe Medium10/25/2018 - 10/30/2018
New Orleans Opera AssociationThe Medium6/1/2018 - 6/3/2018
Pacific Opera ProjectThe Medium10/27/2017 - 11/5/2017
Delaware Valley OperaThe Medium7/8/2017 - 7/16/2017
Opera MODOThe Medium10/28/2016 - 10/29/2016
Opera NaplesThe Medium10/10/2013 - 10/18/2013
Central City OperaThe Medium7/7/2012 - 8/8/2012
Chelsea OperaThe Medium11/10/2011 - 11/11/2011
Long Leaf OperaThe Medium6/6/2008 - 6/22/2008
Syracuse OperaThe Medium4/4/2008 - 4/27/2008
Seagle FestivalThe Medium7/7/2007 - 7/21/2007
Wildwood Park for the Performing ArtsThe Medium6/6/2007 - 6/17/2007
OperaDelawareThe Medium3/1/2004 - 3/28/2004
Sorg OperaThe Medium11/1/2003 - 11/2/2003
Shenandoah OperaThe Medium4/27/2002 - 4/27/2002
Solo OperaThe Medium9/26/2000 - 9/26/2000
Opera MaineThe Medium7/7/2000 - 7/7/2000
Pittsburgh Festival OperaThe Medium3/3/2000 - 4/2/2000
Curtis Institute of MusicThe Medium11/11/1998 - 11/21/1998
Moores Opera CenterThe Medium2/2/1998 - 2/21/1998
Augusta OperaThe Medium2/1/1992 - 2/19/1992
Virginia OperaThe Medium1/1/1992 - 2/1/1992

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Original Cast
Claramae Turner (Madame Flora/Baba)
Evelyn Keller (Monica)
Leo Coleman (Toby)
Beverly Dame (Mrs. Gobineau)
Frank Rogier (Mr. Gobineau)
Catherine Mastice (Mrs. Nolan)

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