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My Fair Lady
Composer:Frederick Loewe
Librettist:Alan Jay Lerner
My Fair Lady was adapted by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe from the George Bernard Shaw comedy Pygmalion. Outside Covent Garden on a rainy evening in 1912, dishevelled cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle meets linguistic expert Henry Higgins. After delivering a musical tirade against "verbal class distinction," Higgins tells his companion Colonel Pickering that, within six months, he could transform Eliza into a proper lady, simply by teaching her proper English.

The next morning, face and hands freshly scrubbed, Eliza presents herself on Higgins' doorstep, offering to pay him to teach her to be a lady. "It's almost irresistable," clucks Higgins. "She's so deliciously low. So horribly dirty." He turns his mission into a sporting proposition, making a bet with Pickering that he can accomplish his six-month miracle to turn Eliza into a lady.

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Seagle FestivalMy Fair Lady8/9/2017 - 8/18/2017
Opera AustraliaMy Fair Lady7/1/2017 - 7/1/2017
Lyric Opera of ChicagoMy Fair Lady4/28/2017 - 5/21/2017
Skylight Music TheatreMy Fair Lady11/20/2015 - 12/27/2015
Opera North (U.S.)My Fair Lady8/8/2014 - 8/19/2014
Lamplighters Music TheatreMy Fair Lady7/7/2009 - 8/30/2009
Charlottesville OperaMy Fair Lady7/6/2008 - 8/9/2008
Opera AustraliaMy Fair Lady5/5/2008 - 8/8/2008
Shreveport OperaMy Fair Lady3/1/2006 - 3/25/2006
Commonwealth OperaMy Fair Lady5/1/2001 - 5/13/2001
Amarillo OperaMy Fair Lady9/16/2000 - 9/16/2000
Sorg OperaMy Fair Lady4/4/1998 - 4/18/1998
Skylight Music TheatreMy Fair Lady11/11/1996 - 12/21/1996
Charlottesville OperaMy Fair Lady7/7/1996 - 8/17/1996
Opera MississippiMy Fair Lady4/20/1996 - 4/20/1996
Opera AustraliaMy Fair Lady11/1/1993 - 11/26/1993
Edmonton OperaMy Fair Lady7/1/1993 - 7/17/1993
Opera MemphisMy Fair Lady11/1/1992 - 12/1/1992
Portland OperaMy Fair Lady6/1/1992 - 6/27/1992
Kentucky OperaMy Fair Lady10/1/1991 - 10/21/1991
Opera OmahaMy Fair Lady9/1/1991 - 9/22/1991
Augusta OperaMy Fair Lady9/1/1991 - 9/11/1991
Houston Grand OperaMy Fair Lady7/1/1991 - 7/28/1991
Opera SaratogaMy Fair Lady7/1/1991 - 8/1/1991

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