May 9, 1994
Composer:Stephen Sondheim
Librettist:James LapineStephen Sondheim
Giorgio and his married mistress Clara are found in bed singing of their undying love for each other. Giorgio tells Clara that he must leave Milan; he has been posted to a remote military outpost. When he arrives, Giorgio encounters Fosca, the mentally disturbed, very unattractive cousin of the commanding officer. Discovering that Giorgio is a sensitive man who shares her love of books, Fosca develops an all-consuming passion for him. Through various forms of emotional blackmail, Fosca schemes to entrap Giorgio and make him love her. Invariably, Giorgio keeps succumbing to her scheming. During this time, Giorgio and Clara communicate through love letters. Clara offers to abandon her child for him. Giorgio spurns her offer and returns to Fosca. They share one night together during which Fosca forces Giorgio to write a love letter to her, dictated by her, declaring that they have found true happiness. Drawn into Fosca's obsession, he comes to share it, and it eventually kills them both.

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Minnesota OperaPassion2/1/2004 - 3/1/2004
Tapestry OperaPassion4/7/1997 - 5/10/1997
Pensacola OperaPassion9/9/1996 - 9/22/1996

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Musical Style
Tonal; popular style; some speech-song; recurring drum motif

Vocal & Musical Forces
Original performance: 5 woodwinds; 2 French horns, trumpet, 2 keyboards, percussion, 5 strings

Original Cast
Marin Mazzie (Clara)
Jere Shea (Giorgio)
Gregg Edelman (Colonel Ricci)
William Duff-Griffin (Doctor Tambourri)
Francis Ruivivar (Lieutenant Torasso)
Marcus Olson (Sergeant Lombardi)
William Parry (Lieutenant Barri)
Cris Groenendaal (Major Rizzolli)
George Dvorsky (Private Augenti)
Donna Murphy (Fosca)
Linda Balgord (Fosca's Mother)
John Leslie Wolfe (Fosca's Father)
Matthew Porretta (Ludovic)
Juliet Lambert (Mistress)

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