May 19, 1992 | Canadian Opera Company
Mario and the Magician
Composer:Harry Somers
Librettist:Rod Anderson
This dark, psychological drama invokes both the rise of fascism in 1930’s Germany and the tyranny of love, with a Mephistopheles-type character and the power of suggestion. The characters are led down a path of self-examination through fantasy, but are finally forced back into reality through the ugliness of events.
courtesy of Theodore Presser Company

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Canadian Opera CompanyMario and the Magician5/1/1992 - 5/30/1992

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Musical Style
Pungent scoring; vivid choral and ensemble writing; extended passages of uninterrupted music; lyrical lines

Vocal & Musical Forces
Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, 2 percussion, accordion, harp, piano; 8 sopranos, 2 mezzo-sopranos, 11 tenors, 5 baritones, 2 bass-baritones, 2 basses, others

Original Cast
Original Cast: Stefan, Theodore Baerg; Martha, Marcia Swanston; Franzl, Matthew Elek; Klara, Laura Bertram; Mario, Benoit Boutet; The Hotel Porter, Stephen McClare; The Head Waiter, Gordon MacLeod; The Hotel Manager, Russell Braun; The Hotel Doctor, Matthew Thomas; Silvestra, Monica Whicher; The Principe/Old Fisherman, William Bowen; The Principessa/Old Fisherwoman, Wendy Nielsen; The English Governess, Adreana Braun; The Man in the Bowler Hat, Blaine Hendsbee; A Roman Gentleman, John Avey; A Florentine Colonel, Cornelis Opthof; Maso, Sanford Riley; Lisetta, Bronwen Low; Maso and Lisetta's Mother, Gaynor Jones; Maso and Lisetta's Father, John Nieboer; Tonio, Elliott Bryant; Tonio's Father, Craig Ashton; Fuggiero, Patrick Torcat; Fuggiero's Mother, Kathleen Brett; The Lady from the Bus, Anne McWatt; The Elderly Man from the Bus, Gordon Cowan; The Young Wife from the Bus, Avalee Beckman; The Young Husband from the Bus, Robert Dirstein; The Pedlar, John Kriter; A Taxi Driver, Andr‚ Clouthier; Signora Angiolieri, Heather Thomson; Signor Angiolieri, Martin Spencer; Neopolitan Tourist, Lenard Whiting; Neapolitan Tourist's Wife, Kathryn Domoney; Municipio Official/Crier, James Patterson; Cipolla, David Rampy

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