October 3, 1993 | New York City Opera
Composer:George Frideric Handel
Librettist:Charles KondekJean Racine
Esther, a young Jewish girl, becomes the newest wife in King Xerxes' harem. Esther's uncle, Mordecai, hears of an attempt on the King's life and warns him of the danger. Prime Minister Haman, jealous of Mordecai's newfound favor with the King, plots to destroy Mordecai and the Jewish people. Not realizing that Mordecai is a Jew, the King agrees to Haman's plan. Xerxes falls in love with Esther and promises to grant her a wish. Realizing that the fate of her people is resting in her hands, Esther wishes for mercy for the Jews and announces to Xerxes that she, too, is a Jew. She demands the execution of Haman and his ten sons. Unable to revoke his earlier decree, Xerxes arms the Jews. Haman is defeated and hanged. Mordecai is named Prime Minister.

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Musical Style
Some serialism, although never completely atonal; expressionistic; chromatic, but highly romantic; cinematographic musical cuts; use of pitch centers to create harmonic stability; some dissonance; effective use of contrasting textures; fluid prosody

Original Cast
Lauren Flanigan (Esther)
Robynne Redmon (Vashti)
Joyce Castle (Zeresh)
Eugene Perry (Xerxes)
Allan Glassman (Haman)
Joseph Corteggiano (Mordecai)
Thomas Mark Fallon (Chief Eunuch)

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