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Sorry, Wrong Number
Composer:Jack Hamilton Beeson
Librettist:Jack Beeson
Mrs. Stevenson, an invalid confined to a wheelchair, tries to call her husband on the telephone. Accidentally, the wires cross allowing her to overhear a Capo and George, a contract killer, plotting a murder for 11:15 that night, to coincide with a train passing across a bridge. After trying futilely to get an operator to trace the call, she contacts the police department. Sergeant Duffy tells her he will take care of it. She realizes that he will do nothing and becomes very anxious. She is startled when her phone rings: it is a Western Union message from her husband. He is on his way to Boston for business and will be back the following day. While speaking with the operator she hears a clicking noise on the phone line. Certain there is someone downstairs on the other line, she asks for the police department. Terrified, she thrashes about and knocks a lamp over, plunging the room into darkness. Her door opens and a figure moves toward her. It is 11:15 and the noise of the train crossing the bridge mixes with her screams. Sergeant Duffy calls. George picks up the phone and says, “Sorry, wrong number.”

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Center for Contemporary OperaSorry, Wrong Number5/5/1999 - 5/5/1999

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