April 12, 1985 | Minnesota Opera
Casanova's Homecoming
Composer:Dominick Argento
Librettist:Dominick Argento
A hoax is played on Casanova when the 49-year-old lover returns to Venice after 18 years in exile. The whole town is delighted to learn that he has been trapped into seducing an opera singer whom the public knows as Bellino, a castrato in female dress. However, as Casanova comes to know Bellino, he realizes that the singer is actually a female singer named Teresa masquerading as a male to promote her own opera career. Casanova then proceeds to turn the hoax to his advantage. He enlists the help of Teresa in fooling Madame d'Urfé, a wealthy and eccentric practioner of the occult, whose greatest desire is to be reborn as a male. Casanova swindles the old lady out of her money and she dies as a result of a nocturnal escapade, but Casanova's cleverness clears him of all wrongdoing.

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Minnesota OperaCasanova's Homecoming11/11/2009 - 11/21/2009

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Musical Style
Tonal; richly melodic; elements of Venetian operatic language combined with the composer's own conservative, mildly dissonant music; elegantly orchestrated; well written for the voice; arias, trios, ensemble pieces.

Vocal & Musical Forces
Principal: Mezzo-Soprano, Contalto, Tenor, 2 Baritones; Minor: Lyric Soprano, 2 Sopranos, Lyric Tenor, Bass-Baritone; SATB Chorus

Original Cast
Vern Sutton (Lorenzo )
Kris Root (Marcantonio)
Julian Patrick (Casanova)
Stanley Wexler (Businello)
Carol Gutknecht (Giuletta)
Michele McBride (Barbara)
Mark Jackson (Gabrielle)
Douglas Perry (Marquis De Lisle)
Susanne Marsee (Bellino/Teresa)
Elaine Bonazzi (Madame d'Urfé)

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