February 26, 2002
Dreaming Blue
Composer:Libby Larsen
Librettist:Libby Larsen
Dreaming Blue is the story of a child brought by family into a new culture. Unable to speak the language and not yet able to identify with the surroundings, this child is lonely, just plain lonely and just plain blue. Faced with the need to find a new way of feeling anchored, the child responds creatively to life.

In Dreaming Blue, time is suspended. It is a world where color, sound and emotion are jumbled to create a story in dream form. As the opera opens, we hear the sounds of children playing a game of catch. A young child (The Child), new to the group, is involved in the game and is soon made by the other children to enter into a garden and retrieve their lost ball. After retrieving the ball several times, the Child angrily throws the ball back to the other children, only to have it hurled back again to the garden, where it strikes and shatters a gigantic blue gazing globe. From the shards of blue glass emerge three amazing and charismatic characters -- Baby Blue, Azul and Blue Weirdo -- who lead The Child on an enchanting journey of color, wonderment and mystical exploration.

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