April 4, 2002
Composer:Melissa Shiflett
Librettist:Nancy Fales Garrett
Dora's father brought her to Freud hoping that the celebrated doctor could cure the young girl of her hysterical symptoms. He hoped that Freud could also persuade Dora to be more cordial to the K family. Frau K was Dora's father's mistress, and Dora had once been very fond of both the Ks, but now she claimed that Herr K was trying to seduce her. Dora felt that her father was encouraging Herr K as part of a sexual game in which she was the pawn. Freud believed Dora, but said that her dreams revealed that she wanted to yield to Herr K and Frau K, too. Dora broke off the analysis.

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Musical Style
Both modern and lyrical, combining Shiflett's distinctly American sound with turn-of-the-century Viennese elements (waltzes, Schrammelquartets, gypsy tunes)

Vocal & Musical Forces
3 Sopranos, Mezzo-soprano, 2 Tenors, 1 Baritone, 1 Boy Soprano, 1 Girl Soprano, no chorus. 14 piece orchestra: flute, doubling alto flute; oboe, doubling English horn; clarinet in B-flat, doubling bass clarinet; bassoon; 2 horns in F; percussion; piano,

Original Cast
Dora: Nita Baxani, Freud: Jeffrey Picon, Anna Freud: Karla Simmons, Frau K: Katharyn Wright, Herr K: Peter Lurie, Frau Bauer: Johana Arnold, Herr Bauer: Peter Clark, Zinnie: Kayla Ny, Heinrich: Nate Morgan

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