May 25, 1990 | Minnesota Opera
Frankenstein, The Modern Prometheus
Composer:Libby Larsen
Librettist:Libby Larsen
A brilliant doctor, Victor Frankenstein, uses his medical knowledge to create a human life, which he immediately repels as a monstrous and evil creation. The monster is cast out and forced to endure a lonely and alienated existence. The doctor first agrees to create a mate for the monster, but then refuses, enraging the monster. The monster responds by murdering all of the people that Dr. Frankenstein holds dear: his bride, Elizabeth; his brother, William; and his best friend, Clerval. He also causes the death of Elizabeth's friend, Justine. In the end, Victor, half-mad, must lead his lonely existence in endless pursuit of the monster.

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Musical Style
Tonal, dramatic orchestration; lyrical; quick edits in the monster's music

Original Cast
Steven Tharp (Dr. Frankenstein (Victor))
Tom Schumacher (The Man)
Christian Swenson (The Monster)
Mary Laymon (Justine)
Andrew Ashcroft (William Frankenstein)
Bradley Greenwald (Henry Clerval)
Elisabeth Comeaux (Frankenstein's fiancée Elizabeth)
Gordon Holleman (Walton)

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