April 16, 2005
Garibaldi en Sicile
Composer:Marcello Panni
Librettist:Kenneth Koch
The scene represents one hall, where Alexandre Dumas tells, in prose, the story of Garibaldi's expeditions to Sicily in 1860. In the middle of the saloon there is a little theatre, where some tableaux vivants are performed. The narration is interspersed with episodes of Garibaldi's past: the General speaks to Nice, his native town, and with the Uruguayan soldiers he liberated. In other tableaux, the situation at Piedmont court is shown, where King Victor-Emmanuel II discusses with Cavour, and in Sicily, where the cruel Préfet Maniscalco has the power. Having arrived to Marsala, Garibaldi abandons his hesitations thanks to the phantom of his wife Anita, who encourages him, and begins his move till Sicily's total liberation. The General then crowns Anita queen of the island. In her final intervention, History praises Sicily and his heroic liberator.

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Musical Style
Contemporary opera

Vocal & Musical Forces
2 Baritones, 2 Tenors, Bass, Mezzo-soprano, Soprano; Choir; Ballet; puppets

Original Cast
Alain Fondary, Hermine May, Thomas Morns, Daniel Djambazian, Gilles San Juan, Bernard Imbert, Gisèle Blanchard

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