May 31, 1963 | University of Minnesota
Christopher Sly
Composer:Dominick Argento
Librettist:John Manlove
Christopher Sly is the story of a drunken tinker pursued by his creditors. Found sleeping off his liquor by a Lord and his hunting party, Sly is carted off to the castle where the Lord and his entourage decide to play an elaborate practical joke on him: They try to convince the tinker that he is a nobleman gone mad, and his past life is merely a dream. When Sly wakes up, his every need—especially for drink—is catered to. The Lord even provides his own Page to masquerade as Sly’s young wife. He then sees his creditors arrive at the castle and realizes that a joke has been played on him. He resolves to get even with a joke of his own. He makes off with as many of the Lord’s valuables as he can stuff in his sack, pays off his creditors, and lives happily ever after. In fact, he comes before the curtain with the Lord’s mistresses on each arm and points to the moral of the story: Pleasure is of the moment and should be enjoyed to the full.

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