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Composer:Jack Hamilton Beeson
Librettist:Jack Beeson
The prophet Jonah is visited by an angel. He is commanded to go to Nineveh and proclaim that the city shall be destroyed in 40 days. Jonah disobeys and decides to sail to Tarshish. When his ship begins to sink, Jonah realizes that he is the cause of trouble and begs to be thrown overboard. He is quickly swallowed by a Leviathan. After awakening in the belly of the whale, the angel appears and again commands him to go to Nineveh. Jonah relents and delivers the message. He convinces the king that the city will be destroyed, and the people repent. After 40 days have passed and nothing has happened, Jonah, who has built a small booth just outside the city, is visited by the people. Jonah is annoyed that God sent him on this mission and then spared the people of Nineveh. The angel then appears and destroys Jonah's watermelon. An ensuing storm knocks the angry Jonah to the ground. The angel asks why Jonah is concerned about a watermelon, yet begrudges the salvation of the seven million inhabitants of Nineveh?

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