June 15, 2017 | Pittsburgh Festival Opera
A Gathering of Sons
Composer:Dwayne Fulton
Librettist:Tameka C Conley
Part I On a cold street, an officer believes he takes a young Black man’s life in secret. But the cover of night does not conceal. The police officer, Lockdown, steals something precious from the man, Victor. From above, a collection of Spirits observes this act. The Sons, as they are called, appeal to The Speaking Earth, The Sky That Can’t Stop Seeing, The Blood, and The Waters to intercede on their behalf on Earth. As Victor dies his brother, City, welcomes his first child into the world with his wife. City and Victor’s mother, Victoria, learns the news of both of her sons. The police officer, Lockdown, tries to justify what he has just done, but is met face to face by his closest companion. Part II Victoria confesses to City what has happened to his brother Victor. Lockdown, still grappling with what he has done, is confronted by the Spirits. They accost him and he collapses, broken, having realized for the first time what he has done. An enraged City finds Lockdown back on the street. City draws his gun. A tragedy follows, but fate is altered by unseen hands.

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